Jul 3, 2015

10 Year Olds

I had my portrait drawn by 2 ten year old's. Their names are Ben and Leila. Damn nice job if you ask me. They are students of Rama Hughes in Los Angeles. You can see all 210 portraits of me at my, Draw Tommy Kane Tumblr.

Jul 1, 2015

Wading Into Ceramics

Two of the greatest artists in America have inspired me to try and wade into the world of ceramics. Their names would be Susan Rose and Gennine Zlatkis. This has been no easy journey for me. Working in clay is hard to do. I'm not into working on the wheel nor do I have the chops. Hand building is my thing. My first weeks, which were many, were filled with hundreds of mistakes and mishaps. My works fell apart, things exploded, I fired stuff when I should have painted on it first, I put on one coat of underglaze when I should have put 3 and on and on. The teachers seemed to look upon me in despair. Plus they were forcing me to work on the wheel until one teacher saw some of my drawings and told me NOT to go near the wheel anymore. That was a big turning point. Many times I wanted to quit but the thought of Sue and Gennine being disappointed kept me going. This sort of explains how crazy I am because Sue and Gennine had no idea I was taking a ceramics class. The images I am showing here are really not very good but they are my first few experiments. They are filled with mistakes and things I hate BUT I learned big lessons by doing them. Soon I will make very groovy pieces of art in ceramic form. Give me some time.
Also if you want to see me post my ceramics as I'm doing them, then follow me on my Instagram. I give a lot of sneak peeks there.

Jun 29, 2015

Beads Of Paradise

If you've ever watched the show, Treme, then you know that beads are an important part of New Orleans life. Yun took me to the only bead store in town. She made me one of those necklaces that holds your reading glasses around your neck. I look like an old lady wearing them. I'm sort of beginning to turn into an old lady, by the way. While Yun was making and buying stuff, I did this drawing.

I have a couple of new original drawings for sale on my ETSY store if you are interested.

Jun 24, 2015

Tommy Kane Draws New Orleans

That's right, another little video of me drawing. This time in New Orleans, the craziest place in the USA by far.

Jun 22, 2015

Down And Out In New Orleans

Cemeteries are a groovy place to hang out in New Orleans. They have the big crypts. The church was happy to have people film movies in them until Easy Rider was made and then no more permission to shoot in them. No one was reading the scripts beforehand. A lot of people were killed by Yellow Fever. That was a big plague that knocked people for a loop in the 1820s. Entire families were buried in a single day. I just go to draw and rest before I head to Commander's Palace, which is a great restaurant across the street. It is where Emril started out as head chef. Awesome food and 25 cent martinis. Hard to beat.

Jun 19, 2015


I was back at the Met recently drawing the Greek transgender statues. Kids like when I do nudes. There is a lot of finger pointing and grins.

Jun 17, 2015

The Famous Clover Grill

In New Orleans during prohibition, alcohol could not be served. So they administered remedies, if you know what I mean. One overhears a lot of stuff while hanging out there. Even though I painted The Clover Grill on Bourbon street, I never actually ate breakfast there. I would hit the The Ruby Slipper cafe each morning because it was next to my hotel. At breakfast there each morning, I must have been the only person not drinking alcohol. The waiter told me some people come in for breakfast and start drinking, all the others are still out from the night before. Good thing I'm an artist. I must be sober to draw. Therefore I behaved myself and just ate boring old breakfast, which is not boring at all in New Orleans.

Jun 15, 2015

Tips For New Orleans

Everyone needs to get tipped in New Orleans. I'm not just talking about waiters, waitresses and bartenders. When you walk down the street, you must tip every great musical street performer. The jugglers, poets, costumed maniacs, fortune tellers, painters and homeless people, all have to get duked too. One must always carry change. Then you have to figure out how much each individual gets. So depending on how talented or funny each freak is, I give out from one to five bucks per person. There are some really clever folks along with some lazy ass showman too. Maintaining a pocket full of singles all day long is no easy task. I get a lot of ice teas during the day so I am always getting change. After a few days every nut on the street knew me. SO I began drawing each of them. This I would do secretly without them being aware of what I was up to. It's a lot of hard work but I love the result. I would take a break from drawing each day around 11:30 AM. I'd order my ice tea which they would refill for free 10 more times. Always the same routine, a street performer dressed in a white tuxedo and tails with an American flag top hat would be sitting at the bar drinking a bourbon. I would ask the bartender if I could buy him one. He'd sit and talk with me for half an hour. I couldn't understand a word he said because his southern accent was so thick. Later during the day I would run into him performing on the street and he'd give me the hi sign. After all we were great buddies.