Apr 25, 2017

New Logo Revealed

My new logo is finally done. The unveiling. It's an updated version of my previous one. Notice the human teeth and original Adidas superstar sneakers (which first came out in 1969 and I was the only kid in my neighborhood who owned them). Going to have to make some new stickers of this new and improved sucker. I no longer have to put my name on it because everyone knows me as the squirrel with a gun. Now I can finally give these away to little kids. Water gun is better than a real gun.

Apr 24, 2017

My Current Logo

I drew this squirrel image many, many years ago. Originally conceived as a joke to ridicule myself because Yun always made fun of my cleanliness as "squirrel Activity." This was never intended to be my logo but it somehow morphed into that. It has worked it's magic better than I could have imagined. Recently I thought of updating it for the new millennium. I'm a much better artist now than when I drew this one. So guess what? I made a new one that I painted in gouache. I will reveal it tomorrow. Get ready for the unveiling.

Apr 20, 2017

Skate Girl

THis is the back inside cover of my sketchbook. I write a lot of notes on this page. Then I make a drawing over them to cover them up. That's what this is.

Apr 17, 2017

FIrst Page

The inside covers of my sketchbooks is always a weird place. It's not really a place to do a drawing. One side is cardboard and the other side is the first page of paper. Usually I just put my name and phone number in case I lose the book. Around that information is some kind of nonsensical art I've drawn. This is my latest creation minus my name and phone number.

Apr 13, 2017

Tangled Up In Birds

One day when I was drawing at the Museum of Natural History, there were many students from Pratt scattered about drawing too. They were making large format drawings on paper taped to big masonite boards. It inspired me to do the same. So I bought some large sheets of paper and stained them. This is the first drawing I did live at the museum. They birds were not obviously in these positions. I used my imagination and drawing ingenuity to accomplish this piece. It's 24" X 22". It was so big I had to scan it in 4 sections and then retouch them all together. No easy feat. That was harder than doing the drawing. I have more sheets of paper ready for me to try again. Just have to find the time.

Apr 10, 2017

Big Shells

The gulf in Florida is very unusual to me. Everyday I go to the beach, the shore is completely different. One day there are conch shells washed up everywhere. The very next day they are all gone and now there are million of broken pieces of tiny shells. The next day, sea weed and clam shells. I never know what to expect. Seems to always be turmoil out in the gulf. One day there was these giant shells along the shoreline. I'd never seen them before and don't know what they are. They're about 8 inches long. So I decided to draw a couple. The next day they were all gone and I haven't seen them since. Maybe some money will wash up next time I go.

Apr 7, 2017

Another Kane portrait

Here is another brilliant portrait of yours truly. This was done by an incredible artist named Loana Adelina Boros. WOW. I never looked so good.

Apr 5, 2017


This is by far one of the greatest drawings I've done at the museum of natural history. If you draw enough sometimes you get lucky.

Apr 3, 2017

China Town

There are not just stuffed animals in the Museum of Natural History. They have displays of Native Americans, Inuit people, Arab and Asian peoples too. I stumbled into a part about China. Condensing my afternoon into one simple drawing was no easy task but I managed it. I'm good like that. Now you don't have to visit, I did it for you.