Aug 30, 2014

Canning By Kane

I have been teaching myself canning lately. With the end of the summer, I wanted to be able to can a lot of the great fruits and vegetables that are in season right now. You can see my tomatoes, okra and peaches. I've been reading a book about it, watching videos and buying supplies. Can't wait to see what's available in the Fall. I'm addicted and can't stop. Maybe I will can some laughter.

Aug 22, 2014

Follow The Bouncing Instagram

I always have wild adventures. They can be seen on my Istagram. I hang out in the darkest wilds of the tri state area. You can see from these examples the kind of danger I face on a daily basis. Follow me so you won't be left behind.

Aug 20, 2014

My People

I hang in some weird places. My M.O. is to stay invisible. This way I can draw the lunatics without them knowing it. I'm just slightly afraid I am going to be spotted one of these days. I just don't want to be pepper sprayed by one of them. It's bound to happen if they catch a glimpse of how crazy I make them look in my drawings.

Aug 18, 2014

Wet Coast Bike

I take drawing seriously. Like this dumb bike for instance. I don't have to draw every spoke perfectly as it appears but I do it anyway. Look at that basket, you have to be nuts to draw every wire exactly but my OCD takes over and I do it. This was part of one of my L.A. trips. My wife and I have a few cool trips coming up soon. Seattle in a week, then Florence in September and also Berlin and London. I am going to draw some really whacked out things. Stay tuned.

Aug 15, 2014

Birdie Num Num

I have become like the new Audubon. With all my trips to the Museum of Natural History Lately, I am becoming a recognized icon of the institution. There is also my insights into the behavior of your school children too. I have a feeling the New York times is going to be writing about me very soon. I'm sure the museum itself is going to want to put out a series of posters of the work I've been doing. It seems just a matter of time.

Aug 13, 2014

Summertime Blues

Summer is flying by but it's been a great one. I'm even tan. Spent quite a bit of time on beaches. I love that it hasn't been so humid. Otherwise my hair gets too curly. Get in those last few weeks of surfing while you can.