Sep 28, 2016

The First Hipster

When I walk through Williamsburg Brooklyn and see all the hipsters strolling around, I wonder if they think they are being original. Hipsters have the odd facial hair, dress in a very odd manner and wear sunglasses with white rims. Most have a skateboard tucked under their arm too. Well sorry to inform you that I helped usher in your dumb look many decades ago. Plus I could actually skateboard. This is me racing at about 80 miles per hour in Barrett Park on Long Island. I could actually do this move using 3 skateboards stacked on top of each other. Too bad no photo exists of that action.

Sep 26, 2016


Everything passes away. That's the way of nature. As the season changes from summer to fall, I watch the leaves and temperature drop. At the ocean I was collecting dried seaweed and the tiny roots of plants that got washed into the ocean. All of this makes me think of the poor animals raised to be food. Unfortunately they don't get to pass away naturally like the leaves on the trees. I did this drawing as a symbol of natural versus forced deaths. I am back in ceramics and as you will soon see, this has started to influence my pottery. Stay tuned.

Sep 23, 2016


I was sitting at the bar of a restaurant waiting for a friend to show up. The little canister I drew was perched right in front of me. A loudmouth showed up and I decided to draw him. This is what I came up with. he never knew.

Sep 19, 2016

Octopus Tattoo Artist

It only seemed natural to me, turning an octopus into a tattoo artist. The whole ink thing is hard to ignore. Wonder why some other jackass hadn't thought of this one before. I guess I'll just have to be the jackass who takes credit. The best thing about my dumb drawing is how I painted the ink floating out of the tattoo machine under water. Even I was impressed.

Sep 14, 2016

My Spine

Every time I see my endocrinologist, she informs me that my spine is curved. I tell her the same thing. "Being the creative type, I've spent decades hunched over drafting tables creating artwork, bent over desks painting and curled up on stools drawing in my sketchbooks." She said that would clearly explain it. In fact she's encountered it before. My doctor told me that it only happens to artist's of the highest caliber. That last part I made up. For all the torture I've put my body through being a genius, it would be nice if my malady could be some type of badge of honor. I'm sure Picasso, Michelangelo and Charles Shultz all dealt with the same thing. By the way, my eyes are on their last legs too. Nothing much I can do. At least I'm happy.

Sep 12, 2016

Tangles Up In Nets

50 million sharks are killed each year getting tangled in fishing lines and nets. I've been grilling asparagus and zucchini this summer instead of fish because those are 2 vegetables that rarely die getting tangled in fishing nets.

Sep 8, 2016


"Every year, thousands of young and healthy Greyhound dogs are killed merely because they lack winning potential, were injured while racing or are no longer competitive. While racing has declined sharply in recent years as people have become more aware of the horrors associated with this sport, there are still more than 20 tracks operating in the U.S. Racing Greyhounds routinely experience terrible injuries on the track such as broken legs, cardiac arrest, spinal cord paralysis and broken necks. They suffer off the track as well: Dogs caught up in this cruel industry spend most of their lives stacked in warehouse-style kennels for 20 or more hours a day, or are kept outdoors in dirt pens with minimal shelter. Most enclosures are not heated or air-conditioned. Many dogs suffer from fleas, ticks and internal parasites and are not provided basic veterinary care, human affection, or adequate sustenance." A quote from the ASPCA

Sep 4, 2016

Tommy Kane Tat

My niece Laura lives in Charlotte. She wrote to me the other day with an amazing story. At least I thought it was an amazing story. Laura teaches silks for fun because she is very passionate about it. Silks is a type of aerial gymnastics done while hanging from long strips of fabric. It's all quite Cirque Du Soleil. On a notebook my niece carries around, is a Tommy Kane squirrel sticker. One of her students inquired where she'd gotten the somewhat bizarre sticker. Laura told her about her demented uncle (that would be me). She then informed my niece that her husband had a tattoo on his arm based on the logo of an artist who lives in Manhattan that was identical to my sticker. Turns out that was me too. What a crazy coincidence. Anyhow, Laura got a photo of the arm to prove it was for real. There may be more tattoos out there based on my artwork. This is the first one I was ever informed about.

Aug 31, 2016

Roadkill To Table

I have come up with a new twist on the farm to table movement. It's called the roadkill to table movement. People accidentally annihilate a lot of animals each year on our highways. We should not let this meat go to waste. No one knows the exact amount of animals killed by cars but it is in the millions. I envision roadkill tow trucks that are alerted and then go pick up the carcasses. They get taken to the nearest butcher or slaughterhouse. There's plenty of deer, turkeys, squirrels, possums, woodchucks and whatnot to churn out plenty of hamburger patties and sausages. But here is the beauty of my plan, these millions of pounds of meat are an unexpected windfall. Once all of this goes into our food system, we will not have to slaughter as many pigs, cows and chickens. Each pound of roadkill will save a pound of meat from an animal about to be sent for slaughter, thereby reducing the number of animals needed to be raised. We will still produce the same amount of meat with a bit less murder (roadkill is an accident). As Martha Stewart would say, "it's a good thing."