May 17, 2018

Harris Hammersmith

A portrait of me done by an artist with the coolest name ever, Harris Hammersmith. Brilliant.

May 14, 2018

Slaughter Speed

The current administration has proposed rules that would allow meatpackers to slaughter hogs faster. A radical change in food safety protection. They’re misleadingly us by calling it the “Modernization of swine slaughter inspection rule”, but what it really does is roll back progress on protecting the public from serious and sometimes fatal diseases such as salmonella. The proposal drastically reduces the number of trained government food inspectors in pork plants and turns over food safety functions to untrained plant managers. It allows for an unlimited increase in slaughter line speeds and puts public health, worker safety and animal welfare at risk. In other words, it allows the industry to police itself, like the fox guarding the proverbial hen (or hog) house. The proposal removes any maximum limits on line speeds in pig slaughter plants. Pigs are already slaughtered at an astonishing rate of approximately 1,100 per hour. With this new rule, those speeds could reach up to 1,300 or even 1,500 pigs per hour. This increased speed can result in improper stunning that leads to animals being slaughtered while conscious. Clearly, the real goal of this proposal is to allow the meat-packing industry to increase its profits. It’s all about lining the pockets of a few corporate executives – at the expense of consumer health, worker safety and animal welfare. If you want to eat the best vegan hot dog in the world, try a Yeah Dawg. It's a plant-based, soy and gluten free hot dog. The best.

May 11, 2018

Washington Nationals

I went to my first game at Washington Nationals ballpark in DC and sat six rows behind the dugout. Of course, it was 97 degrees out. I did this drawing while I melted over nine innings.

May 10, 2018

17 Year Old Ava

A seventeen year old fan named Ava, did this incredible drawing of me. She is a very talented artist in the making. Love this.

May 9, 2018


I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to draw the blooming of the flowers. I like to draw them in convoluted positions as they are opening. I don't like to draw the perfect flower that looks like it is on a Hallmark greeting card.

May 8, 2018


I have this book that I draw in occasionally. If I have a moment, I draw a building I see somewhere, then put the sketchbook away. I started to put other objects in there too. It's more interesting than looking at the typical skylines people draw and photograph.