May 1, 2015

Google Gone Rogue

Google has made a giant gaffe about me. In the past, I have written about the fact that there was an NFL football player named Tommy Kane too. He is notorious because he murdered his wife and is serving 20 years in prison. Our world's collide online because we both have a lot of google power. Recently a woman left a comment on one of my blog posts. Her rant went something like this, "why are all of you people complimenting this artist, don't you realize he murdered his wife." Somehow she mixed us up which I thought was odd because that never happened before. Recently I was at the Apple store looking at the new imacs. I googled my name to see how my website looked on the new screen. That was the moment I made the discovery. Google has somehow really mixed us up. If you google my name, the first thing to come up is a wikipedia page about the murderer NFL football player Tommy Kane BUT they have substituted his photo with my photo. That explains why some woman was ranting about me being a killer. So I guess from now on if anyone will do a background check on me, they will be quite surprised. At least they shaved a few years off my age and I do get credit for playing in the NFL.

Apr 29, 2015

Kane In The Kong

Here is a little video I made of me drawing in one of my most favorite cities, Hong Kong. Not only do you get to see me in action but you get a tour of the Kong.

Apr 27, 2015

Off The Beaten Path

This is a painting of So Ha vegetable shop at 24 Graham Street in Central, Hong Kong. It's the best one I did while there. Now this shop has been bulldozed to rubble. I tried very hard to get every detail. The woman working in the shop was very pleased. Everyone who looked at my drawing book knew exactly where this place was. I'm glad I captured it perfectly. There is a Korean producer I worked with in Seoul named Charles. He also makes a lot of movies in Hong Kong. He just happened to be there when I was in town. One night, he took Yun and I out to dinner with him. Because he knows all the ins and outs of the Kong, he took us to a very unusual place that no tourist could ever find. The cabdriver kept arguing with Charles as we were driving there. "How do you know about this place?" He asked Charles that over and over. Charles told him he was friends with the owner, who stays at Charles home with his family when they come to Seoul. Our cabdriver was skeptical. When we got there the place looked abandoned. We rode an escalator up several floors of this enormous scary building. When we entered, I could not believe what I was seeing. It looked like a giant condemned warehouse with high ceilings. Makeshift fluorescent lights hung from above. A million tables haphazardly placed. Children running around everywhere. So much noise and chaos. One would be afraid to eat anything there except for the fact that we were with Charles. He was right, the food was great and I loved the insane atmosphere. We survived to tell about it.

Apr 24, 2015

Man Mo Temple

There are a bunch of really old Buddhist Temples in Hong Kong. The most famous being, the Man Mo Temple. I hung out for about 2 hours drawing this. It was difficult because there is so much sandalwood incense burning that it is nearly impossible to breath. Most people enter for about 10 minutes to pray. I'm talking about thousands of incense sticks burning, some of them quite huge. At points, it is hard to just see 2 feet in front of you. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. It is actually amazing to walk into this kind of atmosphere. Your senses are assaulted from all directions. I loved it even though I was going to pass out at any minute. Of course, the old ladies all greeted me and took an interest in my drawing. Must be my Axe cologne.

Apr 23, 2015


I am a teacher at something called, Sketchbook Skool. If you are interested in learning how to draw in a sketchbook, you can sign up for the class that I am part of. There are 6 instructors in total. The class is called: Beginning. It's $100 bucks (really 99 but I like to round things up). It starts tomorrow though. GO to the website to find out about the details.

Apr 22, 2015

Tian Tan Buddha

The coolest thing about the city of Hong Kong is that you can go to the ferry terminal and get on a boat and be on a little island in half an hour. The Kong is surrounded by a lot of tiny little islands that are fascinating. One such place is Lantau island. On it is the world's largest sitting Buddha. It's over 100 feet tall. You have to walk up like 400 steps to reach the top. I parked myself not quite at the top, so I had a good angle to draw. The people mobbed me because I gave them something to look at as they were huffing and puffing up the stairs. I got over a 100 new Facebook and Instagram friends from my little show. China is full of groovy things to see, me being one of them.

Apr 20, 2015

Bird Street

There is a street in Hong Kong known as bird street. People love birds in the Kong. This street is closed off to cars. The old men actually bring their bird cages from their house and take their birds to this place. They even have poles where the cages can be hung. Along this street are stores that sell birds. Yellow cages are stacked everywhere with different kinds of exotic birds of every shape, color and size. There are even perches built into the street where there are parrots sitting. I was looking at a giant fish tank when I noticed something moving. As I got closer I realized there were a million live crickets inside. They are bird food. The whole scene was from another planet. I was inside one of these bird shops and I took out my camera to film. All of a sudden, someone grabbed my arm very firmly. They yanked me outside quickly. It was a boy about 12 years old. I thought I did something wrong. Maybe I shouldn't be filming. A man came up to me and apologized. He said his son was autistic but for some reason he liked me a lot. The boy held my arm and walked me around the street introducing me to everyone. The father said that a few years before he met someone from Australia. I reminded him of that guy. He started to call me Mister Wong, which was fine because I sort of look like a Mister Wong. The son was going through all my drawing stuff and looking at my sketchbooks. He then pulled me to a spot and he made me sit on my folding chair. Then he went and sat on a rock in front of me. All the old men laughed because they realized he wanted me to draw him. So I obliged. I must say I nailed him perfectly to the delight of everyone. It was a magical place and my new friend made my day even better.